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K Fit 10-Day Summer Challenge

Wednesday 19th - Friday 28th July 

I have created a little challenge to keep you motivated and keep you on track to achieve your goals whilst I take a little break with my family.  

The Challenge:

X6 RESISTANCE training sessions

X2 CARDIO sessions
Hit 5 FRUIT & VEG daily 
Hit 10k STEPS daily
Drink 6-8 CUPS of WATER daily
7+ hours of SLEEP every night 

Cardio can be anything you enjoy doing, running, cycling, swimming!

RESISTANCE training can be what you are already doing if I coach you, Bodyweight workouts, gym sessions etc...

or you can pick from the following PROGRAMS I have created, for FREE! 

There will be surprise challenges throughout the 10 DAYS too!

Complete the form to join the WHATSAPP group for motivation, questions, ideas, support and most of all FUN!

I'll be joining in on the challenge and will be available to support you with any questions you might have. No-doubt the K Fit community will support each other too, as always! 

I'll share a form for you to use to track your progress via the Whatsapp group so don't delay -  Join the FUN!

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