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FREE 6-Week 5k Training Plan!


Whether you’re new to the running scene, returning from a break, or eager to rediscover your stride, this plan is perfect to get you ready for a race day or simply get you back out there!


My 6-week schedule is designed to gradually build your endurance through a balanced mix of walking and running. The aim is to elevate your fitness level, enabling you to comfortably run a full 5K.


You’ll receive an easy-to-follow PDF plan, perfect for beginners. It’s structured over three days each week, progressively increasing the distance to ensure a smooth transition to continuous running.


Plus, gain exclusive access to our private Facebook group for added support, expert tips, and unwavering motivation. Jumpstart your journey to a fitter you! 🏃‍♂️💨

KFit to 5k - Training Plan - FREE

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